Rotary Lobe Pumps Series KD

Rotary lobe pump on frame | © KORTHAUS Pumpen

KD PUMPS from KORTHAUS are rotary lobe pumps in industrial design and suitable for par-ticularly complex pumping applications. With a focus on durability and increased efficiency, we set new standards in the field of rotary positive displacement pumps with applications in biogas, wastewater and food waste disposal.

PDF Brochure KORTHAUS rotary lobe pumps

Principle of operation

Rotary lobe pumps are self-priming valveless positive displacement pumps and are based on the operating principle of a rotating positive displacement pump. To generate the delivery pressure, a pair of symmetrical rotors are arranged in a housing without contact and rotate in opposite directions. In the course of one revolution, pumping chambers are formed between the rotor blades and the inner wall of the housing, in which the pumped medium is pumped from suction to discharge side without pulsation. Due to the gentle and speed-proportional delivery of the rotary lobe pump, KD PUMPS also transport pumped media with large particle sizes without difficulty.


  • pressure rates up to 24 bar
  • maximum flow rates of 360 m³ / h
  • pulsation-free flow at highest efficiencies
  • 3- to 6-fold lifetime for spare parts
  • suitable for dry running and high gas content
  • lowest maintenance and servicing times

Design Features

  • patented rotor with seamless contour with highest efficiencies
  • pulsation-free flow of pumping media and exact pumping operation
  • various material combinations adapted to the pumped medium
    (rubber coating with a hardness of up to 90 Shore A)
  • overload protection in case of blockage

Design variants

  • KD – G with integrated reduction gear
  • KD – D with direct drive
  • KD – R with belt drivewith belt drive